Tell us how you're taking the 1KChallenge

Why are we raising money?

We want our friends and neighbors to hear about Jesus! In short, we want to reach people where they live. Knocking down barriers between people and Jesus means launching new locations where we can begin to meet those needs in our community. We’ve chosen Millard as our first campus launch.

What is the 1K Challenge?

Reality Church is asking families and individuals to get creative and help us raise $300,000 to fund the launch of our new church campus in Millard. If each family/individual will commit to raising $1,000 by January 20, 2019, we will be able to launch the new campus on Easter Sunday 2019! How exciting is that?!

Am I limited to giving $1,000?

Absolutely not! Some will be able to give more than $1,000, while others less. While we wanted to give everyone a tangible goal to reach, we also realize every gift helps reach our church goal of $300,000. Thank you so much for your generosity.

How do I raise the money?

This is the fun part! Everybody can get involved. Maybe the kids make a lemonade stand, maybe the teens babysit or do some lawncare. Maybe the adults work some extra hours or sell some stuff around the house. You’re only limited by your creativity. Get the whole family involved and make it fun! 

Here are some great fundraising ideas...

ADULTS • Ask for a raise • Get a new job or second job • Run errands or do odd jobs for people • Become a secret shopper for some stores • Use your skills to earn money online at sites like fiverr.com • Sell random stuff on eBay or Craigslist • Sell your old clothes • Become a pet sitter • Become a baby sitter • Freelance write • Become an Uber driver • Use your abilities to teach an online course at sites like udemy.com • Rent out your vehicle • Rent out your house • Tutor online • Sell your old electronics • Do odd jobs posted on Craigslist • Resell items from thrift stores (or Craigslist) • Design and build websites • Sell your photography online at sites like shutterstock.com • Sell your hair (it’s a real thing) • Recycle for cash • Sell your used books • Proofread from home

TEENS • Provide lawn care for the neighborhood • Clean someone’s house (maybe even your own!) • Get a paper route • Run a Farmer’s Market stand • Babysit • Provide entertainment for neighborhood kids’ Birthday parties • Pet sitting • Dog walking • House sitting • Wash cars • Organize a home, basement, or garage • Sell lemonade, baked goods, handmade crafts, or bottled water • Get a job • Run errands for someone • Work for a Property Management Team • Ask parents/neighbors/friends for odd jobs around the house • Sell your creativity: web design, video skills, photography, etc. • Be a lifeguard • Become an umpire or referee

KIDS • Work as ‘mommy’s helper’ • Help a local senior • Open a lemonade stand • Do yard work • Walk dogs • Pet sit

Is this a pledged amount?

No, you will not be making a pledge for a certain dollar amount, but we would like for you to turn your money in along the way so we can track our progress. We do ask that all funds be turned in by January 20, 2019 at Momentum, our yearly Vision Meeting.

What is the money going toward?

The money we raise will help with everything needed to launch a new campus. This will be a portable campus so we will need to load and unload everything into our facility each Sunday. This includes:  equipment, gear, signage, kids and students area supplies, lighting, trailers to hold everything, etc. The money will also go toward advertising, promotion, personnel and facility rent. And don't forget coffee! 



GIVING BOXES - You may give in person by placing your 1K Challenge envelope in any of the black giving boxes located in the auditorium.

ONLINE - You may give online by visiting reality.church/give. Please designate your gifts by selecting the Millard General dropdown option.

MOBILE APP - Reality Church mobile app is available for download at iTunes and Google Play. Please designate your gifts by selecting the Millard General dropdown option.

TEXT TO GIVE - Text your amount to (402) 557-0528 to get started. Please designate your gift by typing ‘Millard’ after the amount. Example: 250 Millard

MAIL - Please mail your gift to: Reality Church 10695 Portal Rd LaVista, NE 68128. Please designate your gift as Millard in the memo line.


share in the excitement by using the hashtag #REALITYMILLARD