We Have a New Giving Platform!

We want to eliminate any confusion you may have about your online gifts. 

What's happening? 

We are looking to streamline our online giving platforms to reduce confusion. Currently, we have three different options for people to give one-time and recurring gifts online. We are moving to ONE new option. If you have used any of the three existing platforms you will need to cancel your recurring gifts with them and set up a new recurring gift with the new platform.

Please note: You only need to cancel if you have a recurring gift set up with the following platforms. If your gift is not automatically recurring, you can simply switch to the new platform. 

How do I cancel my previous automatic recurring gift? 

Step One

Determine which online platform you have your recurring payment scheduled with. It will be either:
  • Church Community Builder (if you use My Reality)
  • Subsplash Giving (if you use the Mobile App)
  • Kindred Giving (if you use the website)

What if I'm not sure which platform I used? Please contact the church at (402) 537-0419 and we will help you.

Step Two

Once you have determined your platform, follow the instructions below and cancel your recurring payment.

Step Three

Set up a new recurring gift with our new giving platform: Planning Center. 

Still unsure? 

Let us know your questions and we will be contact soon.