Who We Are


To build a family of believers who bring pleasure to God as we love Him completely, love each other unselfishly, and have a Christ-like impact on our community and the world.


Impacting our community for eternity

OUR STRATEGY (Focus, Risk, Impact)

We believe our process of Focus, Risk and Impact can lead to individual life change that will help you become a person that makes an impact for eternity.

Focus means fixing our attention on God.  Realizing that God is the only true reality. In other words, He's the only 'real' thing. The main aspect of Focus is our weekend worship services.

Risk involves vulnerability. Risking relationships with others by sharing life together. We accomplish this part of the process by participating in Life Groups. Reality Church is not a church with Life Groups, we are a church of Life Groups. 

Impact is all about serving others within our church, our community and the world. Our goal is to provide you opportunities to use your gifts and talents to serve others. We believe that serving others is a great way for you to become a person that makes an eternal impact.