Our Leadership

Pastors & Staff

Lance Burch

Lead Pastor
Married to Amy. Dad to Hannah, Rachel, Tatiana, Karen and Chloe. Drinker of Diet Dr. Pepper and listener of Billy Joel. Rider of bikes. Watcher of Netflix.

Roger Graber

Executive Pastor
Married to Charnel (best friend and incredible ministry partner). Dad to two children and Papa to 5 grandchildren. Makes it a habit to clean out his email inbox every day. Greatest joy is when someone who doesn't know Jesus, believes!

Robert Conn

Millard Campus Pastor
Married to Shelly. Dad to four awesome kids. Music connoisseur. Once won 2nd place on America's Funniest Home Videos because his kids flushed a fish down the toilet and then everything went wrong.

Keith West

Online Campus Pastor
Married to Andrea. Dad to six, Grandad to three. Former Army, currently works as a computer consultant. When he's not working, Keith enjoys family time, wood and metal working, and grilling on his new pellet smoker. 

Wyatt Johnson

Worship Pastor
Married to Sasha. Father to Grey. Loves Jesus. Former lumberjack. Was once on American Idol (for approximately .75 seconds).

Shelly Conn

Millard Worship Director
Married to Robert. Mom to Ashlin, Claire, Levi, and Carley. Lover of dark chocolate and sweet tea. Grew up in Texas and started dating Robert at 15 years old. Once walked off a 2nd story home as a kid, on accident.

Daniel Harder

Reality Kids Pastor
Married to Carey. Foster parent to two wonderful kiddos.  Aspires to own two of every breed of dog simultaneously.  Carey strongly disagrees.  Despite that conflict, they love each other and enjoy serving the community at Reality Church and Monroe Middle School, where Carey is a 7th grade English teacher.

Peter Vogel

Millard Reality Kids Director
Married to Rachel. Enjoys being outside. Also enjoys being home and watching TV shows and playing games. Loves hanging out with friends and family. Football fan of Ohio State University and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Jourdy Persinger

High School Pastor
Married to Shannon. Father to Ariana. Favorite sport is ultimate frisbee. Wears hoodies more than he should. Met Andy Mineo (Christian Rapper) and took a picture with him just to make his students jealous (they responded with hate texts). Kansas City Chiefs enthusiast. 

Jacob Salmans

Middle School Pastor
Lover of Jesus! Giant goofball. Big fan of baseball, longboarding, and pretty much every sport except fishing. Also loves the Chicago Bears, black coffee, punk music, and exploring new places. West Coast native. He's never seen 95% of your favorite movies.

Paul Scott

Groups Director
Married to Heather.  Dad to Laurel, Zac, and Mitchell.  Likes airplanes, sunshine, country music, good food, and adventure.  Enjoys getting to know people over a cup of coffee.

Leslie Palensky

Creative Director
Wife to Jeremy. Mother to Milo, Annie, and Asher. Originates from small town Nebraska. Lover of music, interior design, cooking, coffee, and binge watching.  Once cut open a dead snake to save a live frog.

Andy Butler

Technical Director
Married to Sara. Father to Penny. Lover and author of music. Liker of sports, some books, some TV shows, some Netflix shows and some movies. Likes when people say, "I've got some good news for you," before they share good news.

Bri Collison

Communications Director
Wife to Phil. Mom of Charlee and Emry. Lover of coffee, cheesecake, and fire pits (happy fall, y'all!). Loves when people laugh way too hard at their own jokes. 

Richelle Wyatt

Office Admin
Married to Dillon. Mom to Dillon Jr.  Loves hiking and coloring. Forgets everything and uses photography to remember. Once flew to the Czech Republic to watch her mom get married in a castle. Loves to see new places, but hates the traveling part!

Laura Jansen

Financial Admin
Grew up in Iowa. Went to Grace University and fell in love with Omaha - she will never return to her previous life. Enjoys Accounting so much, she has two jobs doing just that!