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Reality Middle School meets on Wednesday nights from 7:00-8:30 in the Warehouse. We will be up front to greet you, give you a high-five and a "Hey Yo!" as you arrive. Our nights start with some time to hang out, connect and maybe a little bit of Nine Square. Not sure what that is? Come check it out!

After worship, we'll focus in together on a message from our current series and then the rest of the night will be in Small Groups. Small Groups are a place for community, a place where you can ask questions and take a risk in your relationship with others by opening up about your faith and your struggles. These groups are led by one or two of our amazing Reality Student's Staff member's who will be doing more than just having time on Wednesday nights with you. Over the week they'll keep in touch, check in with you and your parents and keep you connected with other students.

We know that Middle School is a pretty crazy time and we do everything we can think of to make Wednesday nights something you look forward to every week as we come alongside you and your family as you grow in your faith.


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Do you feel God leading you to invest in and serve our students? We'd love to meet you and talk more about Reality Students. Just click below for a quick application and we'll contact you tomorrow to talk more about where would be the best fit for you and our students.


Jacob Salmans, Middle School Director.

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