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    Nicole Torres

    10.14.18 | Family | by Video Stories

    Meth was introduced into Nicole's life, it was then that things started to turn dark for her. Wanting desperately to do well for her daughter, Nicole made the changes and challenged herself to live the life she wanted, finding God in the midst of...

      Gene & Terry Grubbs

      06.24.18 | Family | by Video Stories

      A tragic incident in college introduced a sense of fear into Terry's life she never would have known. This crippling memory followed her for years. With the help of her husband, Terry, they were able to overcome and go on to help many others...

        Gary Wallman

        05.13.18 | Family

        Finding accountability and community brought Gary into a closer relationship with God and helped prepare him as he ventured into becoming a husband and new father.

          David Reed

          01.28.18 | Family | by Video Stories

          Through the neglect of his biological mother, David's life was filled with pain and loneliness. It's followed him throughout the years, but a relationship with Jesus, a new family and community have brought a sense of peace and love into his...

            Destiny Soto

            01.14.18 | Family | by Video Stories

            After finding comfort in loving foster family, Destiny realized that God had a plan for her life and that He had been there all along.