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    Nicole Torres

    10.14.18 | Life Change | by Video Stories

    Meth was introduced into Nicole's life, it was then that things started to turn dark for her. Wanting desperately to do well for her daughter, Nicole made the changes and challenged herself to live the life she wanted, finding God in the midst of...

      Kelsey Wallman

      09.09.18 | Life Change | by Video Stories

      Growing up, Kelsey's view on God was off. She viewed him as a ruler setter who didn't truly love or what a relationship with her. Having children of her own, Kelsey began to see how God views us.

        Gary Wallman

        05.13.18 | Life Change

        Finding accountability and community brought Gary into a closer relationship with God and helped prepare him as he ventured into becoming a husband and new father.

          Chelsea Hermann

          03.04.18 | Life Change | by Video Stories

          Chelsea's life has been forever impacted by her visit to Jamaica. She has a renewed spirit and desire to make the world a better place for the children there. Chelsea can't wait to go back!

            Adam Hayes

            02.11.18 | Life Change | by Video Stories

            God has a way of showing up in our lives, even we push him away. Adam realized that God was trying to wake him up and show him the truth, and Adam is grateful He did.