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    Annie Meisinger

    04.01.18 | loss | by Video Stories

    The loss of a child brings unexplainable heartache and darkness can follow. Annie chose to lean on God in this truly trying time and find that peace that only He can offer.

      Kathy Reeves

      09.17.17 | loss | by Video Stories

      There are times within our lives where a fog seems to drift in and blind us from the truth. We are grateful that Kathy took the steps she did and got the help she needed. She realized that God never gave up on her, even when she wanted nothing to...

        Wyatt Johnson

        09.10.17 | loss | by Video Stories

        Losing a loved one is a pain that is almost indescribable. It's brings us to our knees, but when we feel like we might be alone in that place... God's there. He always will be. Wyatt found God's presence amongst the tragedy, and realized He had...

          Dave Newell

          12.03.15 | loss | by Video Stories

          Dave defines what it means to live a hopeful life seeking God even in the midst of potentially losing his own life.