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What's the Mission of Reality Church?

Our mission is to break down barriers between people and Jesus by focusing our attention on God, risking authentic relationships, and impacting our community and world. We want to be a church that doesn't have prerequisites for participation. Just like Jesus invited us to the never-ending party, we want to invite others. Everyone, in fact.

What is the purpose of this campaign?

When we look around, we see a community that feels disconnected and lonely. We want to create a place for connection and relationships, where people can relax and have meaningful - potentially life-changing - conversations. In other words, this coffee shop isn't about the coffee. (But the coffee will be delicious.)

Why are we investing in a coffee shop? 

Like you once may have been, there are people in our community who have hesitations about coming to church. We hope to break down that barrier with a warm cup of coffee and a safe place to encounter the hope of Christ. This will be a place where kids can play in an enclosed, indoor playground while they let the stresses of the day fall off their shoulders alongside their friends. We see a place to gather at night for open mics, art shows, karaoke, and small concerts. We see an environment that can be safe for those not wanting to come into the “big room” during Sunday services. We see this as a place to connect with your 1More.

Our community has been through a lot in the past year. Is this really a good time for a new coffee shop?

For that very reason, this is the perfect time to invest in a coffee shop. The past year has been a revealer and an amplifier of the needs of our community, and we are determined to provide Papillion with a space to find connection and relationships. 

What's the name of the coffee shop?

The coffee shop is currently nameless, but we will provide an opportunity for you to turn in suggested names in the near future!

When will the coffee shop open?

We believe we will be able to open 3 months after construction begins. However, the start date of construction depends on the generosity of Barrier Breakers like you.

How much will this project cost? 

This project will cost a total of $450,000 and while we know this is a lot, we also think the mission of reaching our community is worth it. 

Haven't we already raised funds for the coffee shop? 

In the past three years, all fundraising efforts have been toward the general budget and overall mission of the church. PIVOT is the first time we've raised specific funds allocated for the coffee shop.

What exactly are you asking me to do?

As we pivot as a church, we want to ask you to make two very important commitments:
First, make a relational investment with one local person who has not encountered the life-changing love of Jesus - we call this your 1More. Ultimately, we should all have more than one person we are doing this with, but we should all have at least one person whom we are helping to take steps toward Jesus.
Second, make a financial investment as we sacrifice together to make this project happen. This project will cost a total of $450,000 and while we know this is a lot, we also think the mission of reaching our community is worth it. As a church, we will come together on May 23rd to make our pledge commitments. Consider how  you could help us kickstart this work through a generous, 1-time, lead gift - then - consider what you could sacrifice, above and beyond your regular gifts, over the next 8 months. During this time, even a small regular gift can make a huge impact.

How can I get help budgeting so I can give sacrificially, but responsibly?

We are excited to offer you ALL of Dave Ramsey's budgeting tools through Ramsey+. Click below to create your FREE account.

I don't have money to give. What else can I do?

Often times we hear a phrase like “Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Sacrifice” and think, “If they only knew how little money I have,” or “I’m giving all I can—I can’t give anymore,” or “I can barely make it on what I earn. There’s no way I can give to the project.” Believe us, we understand the concerns and empathize with you. That’s why we developed a list of creative ways to give that you may have overlooked. Each one requires sacrifice, but like King David said, “I will not offer up to the Lord anything that costs me nothing!” (1 Chronicles 21:24).
We also ask that everyone join us in prayer throughout this campaign. We know that this project is possible with God, and we pray that we keep our eyes outwardly focused on Him and the people He loves. Here are 21 days of scripture to pray over from May 9-23: