I have questions about God

Square One

Do you have questions about God, Jesus, the Bible, or Christianity? Maybe you want a place to work through answering some difficult questions.  Square One is a conversational environment to experience community and explore faith. It's a safe place to ask questions or share doubts.


This adult education course takes a deep look at Biblical doctrines like God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Revelation. A combination of discussion and weekly reading will help you understand the overarching messages of the Bible, and how these core doctrines fit together.  After this course, you will have a framework to understand the Bible, the church, and the role of believers in modern times.


This adult education course aims to deeply study the Bible and uncover its messages as the original audience would have understood them. You will learn to apply these truths to your daily lives.  The course will go deeply into the Bible interpretation process, provide many interpretation examples, and give the opportunity for you to apply your new skills to uncover the Bible’s truth.

I have a specific question about God