Start a Group

Grab some friends
Grab a box
Get started

Don't be afraid of leading a Life Group. It's not as intimidating as you think. Watch this video to learn how you can get involved in a Life Group.

Grab a Group To Go Box

We've made starting your own Life Group as easy as possible. In the Group To Go Box, you'll find everything you need to begin meeting as a group. All that is required of you is to Grab some friends. Grab a box. Get started.

Video Training for Life Group Leaders

We've created this small training course so you will be prepared to lead your group well. Once you watch all of the videos let us know. 

Part One - Why we have Life Groups

We aren't a church with Life Groups, we are a church of Life Groups. For us, Life Groups offer an opportunity for the faces in the crowd to become friends in community.

Part Two - Life Group Rhythm 

Life Groups need a rhythm to gauge success. Our Life Groups focus on three main components: Gathering weekly, Partying monthly, and Serving quarterly. 

Part Three - Life Group Crash Course

Seven tips that will help you be the best leader you can be for your group. 

Part Four - Life Group Ground Rules

For your group to succeed, to grow, to be a blessing, it's important for everyone to know and agree to the ground rules. 

Part Five - Hosting your first Group

When it's time to meet for the first time as a group, you're going to need to know what to do. Here are some great tips to be a great leader. 

Part Six - Using the Leader Guide

Having a manual full of information for you to revert back to is invaluable. You're likely not going to remember everything at the beginning, so here's how to use the Leader Guide. 

After you've gotten started - give us feedback!