Pastors & Staff

Lance Burch

Lead Pastor
Married to Amy. Dad to Hannah, Rachel, Tatiana, Karen and Chloe. Drinker of Diet Dr. Pepper and listener of Billy Joel. Rider of bikes. Watcher of Netflix.

Roger Graber

Executive Pastor
Life Groups Pastor
Married to Charnel (best friend and incredible ministry partner). Dad to two children and Papa to 5 grandchildren. Makes it a habit to clean out his email inbox every day. Greatest joy is when someone who doesn't know Jesus, believes!

Keith West

Online Campus Pastor
Married to Andrea. Dad to six, Grandad to three. Former Army, currently works as a computer consultant. When he's not working, Keith enjoys family time, wood and metal working, and grilling on his new pellet smoker. 

Jourdy Persinger

High School Pastor
Life Groups Pastor
Married to Shannon. Father to Ariana. Favorite sport is ultimate frisbee. Wears hoodies more than he should. Met Andy Mineo (Christian Rapper) and took a picture with him just to make his students jealous (they responded with hate texts). Kansas City Chiefs enthusiast. 

Peter Vogel

Middle School Pastor
Interim Reality Kids Pastor
Married to Rachel. Enjoys being outside. Also enjoys being home and watching TV shows and playing games. Loves hanging out with friends and family. Football fan of Ohio State University and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Wyatt Johnson

Worship Pastor
Married to Sasha. Father to Grey and Finn. Has too many animals in his house. Loves Jesus. Former lumberjack. Was once on American Idol (for approximately .75 seconds).

Ben Coleman

Video Production 
Musician. Podcast junkie. Lover of books. Born in Texas, raised in Nebraska. Always thinking about snacks. Professional airport people watcher. Clenched the title of State Runner-Up for the Nebraska State Geography Bee in 7th grade.

Josh Rothe

Technical Director
Born in South Dakota, but considers himself a native Midwesterner. Musician, Coffee Lover, Runner. Aspires to visit Tahiti someday. Took a trip to the ER in 1st grade to have a bug removed from his ear. It was a moth. A whole moth. 

Bri Collison

Communications Director
Wife to Phil. Mom of Charlee and Emry. Lover of coffee, cheesecake, and warm blankets. Loves when people laugh way too hard at their own jokes. 

Laura Jansen

Financial Admin
Grew up in Iowa. Went to Grace University and fell in love with Omaha - she will never return to her previous life. Enjoys Accounting so much, she has two jobs doing just that!